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You can order from Lil' Louie's Eats and Sweets right here !

Lil' Louie's Eats and Sweets

You can order from Louie's original right here !

Louie's Original

You can order from Louie's Cheeseteak right here !

Louie's Cheesesteak

About us


Family owned and operated, we take pride in our menu with a strong commitment to friendly service and delicious food at a reasonable price. At Lil’ Louie’s Eats & Sweets our generous portion sizes will amaze you! We offer a variety of tasty eats from our popular Gyro pita, charbroiled burgers and Greek souvlaki, to bacon poutine and more. Home of the Fun Burg, BBQ Pulled Pork Waffle Sandwich and Super Dog, these unique eats will keep you craving Lil’ Louie’s. Looking for something sweet to satisfy your guilty pleasure? Check out our signature funnel cakes and sundaes. You won’t be disappointed!


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